Decision making and problem solving is one of the major job functions and responsibilities of managers. Also, managers are made accountable for the decisions they make. Therefore,possessing of problem solving and decision-making skills are very my important and critical for successful professional career. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. There are different tools and techniques to improve decision-making the quality of decisions. Decision-making is more natural to certain personalities, and such people are focusing more on improving the quality of their decisions. People who are less natural decision-makers are often able to make quality assessments, but then need to be more decisive in acting upon the assessments made. However in reality, problem-solving and decision-making are closely linked, and each requires creativity in identifying and developing options, for which the decision making techniques are particularly useful. Good decision-making requires a mixture of skills: creative development and identification of options, clarity of judgement, firmness of decision, and effective implementation. To fulfil all above requirements, availability of factual data is very important as decisions based on factual data has proven to be highly successful and effective.

Therefore, it is important to understand what data is required to gather and how to analyse and identify factors affecting the problems in order to make effective decisions or device solutions. Check sheet is one of the highly proven technique that is commonly used in every sphere of decision making. Following types of Check sheets have been extensively to make effective decisions.

  • Production process distribution check sheets.
  • Defective item check sheets.
  • Defect Location check sheets.
  • Defect cause check sheets.
  • Check-up confirmation check sheets.

I learned about check sheets during my Diploma course in Quality Management. However, I never thought check sheets have such powerful use for aiding decision making. I realized the potential of using check sheets for collecting data and analyzing collected data using the same form that reduces the time and duplication. Today, time is gold and we need to make decisions swiftly to mitigate losses and improve productivity.

There is no magic in Check Sheets, but it simply helps us to collect data, interpret and analyze data using the same sheet to find important and critical factors to make successful decisions.

Designing of Check sheet is simple, and one can tailor made to suit any situation, be it a production process or a service process. All what is needed is having a sound understanding of the process what you need to examine using the Check sheets.

So, lets learn about check sheets. It is simple, yet powerful tool that anyone could use and become highly effective and efficient decisions maker. All and above, it is rest assured that decision based on factual data collected using the check sheets will never fail you, yet make you an outstanding decision maker.